First Kiss:  

Our first kiss,WOW!-- I was 16, Taylor was 17, we were at Rock Canyon Bowl just out for a walk.  The sprinklers were on and Taylor picked me up and put me right in front of one of them.  We were absolutely soaking wet!  We walked over to a bench at the top of the bowl, and Taylor kissed me.

Our Cake:  

Our cake was phenomenal, it was all different flavors, 4 tiers, it was textured very thin stripes of off-white and white. It was very simple but very elegant.  We put some bright flowers on the cake as decorations.

The Dress:  

My dress was amazing!  It was very simple.  Round neck, gathering around the bust and waist, and a drop waist where the dress flowed out from.  A friend of mine made the flowers that were placed on the left hip of the dress.


We went to Palm Beach, Florida.  We were able to stay in a condo and just be with each other.  It was amazing, no schedules, just beach, swimming, and my husband!

Favorite Memory:  

My favorite memory with my husband probably is the day he came home from his mission.  I remember seeing him and we just went straight up to each other and just kissed!  I was so happy and speechless and Taylor was so excited he couldn't stop talking!  It was hilarious.

Photographer:  Michelle Andersen Photography

"I printed so many of the pictures already!  I couldn't wait!! I absolutely love them! All of the pictures truly are phenomenal, I really can't thank you enough!"  -Natalie Sudweeks Barrett