It's all in the details!!!

I love shooting in locations like downtown Salt Lake City, UT, or Los Gatos, CA or on old main streets with multiple backgrounds as well as in my client's homes.  There is just something about being in your natural environment that adds a comfort and ease to the shoot.

my || STYLE
I would say that my style is fun, editorial, and full of emotion!
I love adding fashion to my images through clothing, props, posing, and use of location.  My goal is to create an experience you and your family will want to relive again and again.  I pride myself in capturing the true personality of your family or child in the images I offer you.

your || STYLE
Clothing recommendations and accessories:
Picking a few colors and sticking to them for the entire family works best!  Dark jeans are always a good choice and you can pair them with other coordinating colors.  Matching is fun, but keeping each person unique gives a little extra zip to the photos.
Layering clothing is ideal.  It adds interest, style and texture to the images. 
I recommend t-shirts with corduroy jackets or chunky sweaters.  Clothing with ruffles, buttons, ribbon, embroidery, anything that has grit to it.
Try to find accessories like hats, scarfs, ties, necklaces, belts, shoes and blankets with any texture for newborns.
Also if your child is into any activities feel free to bring props as well, (i.e. basketball, snowboard, guitar, etc.).

Store suggestions:
Children’s Hour on 9th and 9th in Salt Lake.  
The Secret Garden in Trolley Square.
Naartjie at Fashion Place and South Towne Mall.
Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack.
Curdz N Whey, Draper.
Kinderwinkel, Sandy.
Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters for adults, Gateway Mall.
There are also many online boutiques that carry amazing european clothing such as: Oilily, Cakewalk, Petite Badou, Catamini, Duex per Duex, Matilda Jane.
For adorable tutus go to

Dry cracked skin, or lips is not EASY to photoshop!  Please use lotion, and chapstick.
Please feed your little ones before the shoot, BUT remember no colored juices or soda--it stains their skin just in time for the photos.
Also, boogies are not a desirable added texture...bring wipes for their noses if your kids have sick noses. (Hopefully this will prevent red noses from wiping).
Make sure you eat too!
If your kids have a regular napping schedule please schedule your shoot accordingly.